A question from Roland Andersson at Telge bostäder
Hello, Does the ESSVE Heavy Load lightweight concrete screw work for frame mounting?

Answer from Sebastian Athler, product developer, attachments.
Hello Roland,

We do not recommend Heavy load for frame mounting. Partly because it will not be adjustable, and partly because it will not be aesthetically pleasing given the large head of the screw. In addition the frame will only be held in place in one direction (against the wall). A proper frame screw will keep the frame in place in two directions, which in turn makes sure the frame stays at a certain distance from the wall.

For mounting of frames we have two different systems that allow adjustable mounting.

1. Indu-prog: Consists of a loose screw and a frame casing that is mounted into the frame. The screw is adjusted according to the material of the wall. There are different alternatives for wood, steel, concrete, brick and lightweight concrete. All screws have heads that are adjusted to the frame casing.

2. Programa: The classical frame screw with a free rotating casing on the screw. Here you chose between different lengths of the screw depending on the material of the wall. Upon mounting in concrete, brick and lightweight concrete you complement with a plug that is selected based on the material.