Instruction films reduce the risk of improper use

A lot has happened since ESSVE decided to get really serious about instruction films and to start our own YouTube channel three years ago. Our goal was to provide information about how to best use our products. Since then we have published more than 30 films in five different languages, one of which has been viewed over 20 000 times. Three new films were released this week.

Our films clearly show, at a comfortable pace, how our products are to be mounted, installed, used, stored and maintained. These instructions are always available via the mobile phone, tablet or computer at the exact moment that the user needs it.

– This doesn’t only increase the level of understanding for the full potential of the product; it also reduces the risk of improper use and the risk of customer complaints. Our films also minimize the need to call the support, or to require assistance from the staff in the store, which ought to be interesting for ESSVE’s resellers, says Mattias Sebell, marketing manager at ESSVE.

Mattias recommends our resellers to visit our YouTube channel and to familiarize themselves with the content in order to recommend it to their customers.

– You can’t provide your customers with a better product presentation. The films are sorted according to product category, which makes it easy to get the full picture. If you as a sales rep want to learn more, this is probably the best and most fun way to acquire new knowledge.


Our new instruction movies



ESSVE Level screw – Instructional video