Carpenter took ESSBOX to the next level

Johan Lindell from Örnsköldsvik got tired of the mess in his carpenter’s van. He did something about it and converted his ride into a modern tool shed, fully adjusted to house his 14 ESSBOX-cases.

Johan, how did you get the idea of making ESSBOX the starting point?
– Before ESSBOX I had built another system in order to achieve order. When ESSBOX came it felt like a more comprehensive and better system, but I wanted to build an interior that suited my workday. I wanted the cases to serve as drawers that could be pulled out and opened without them having to leave the rack.

What does it look like on the inside of your ESSBOX-cases?
– They are stocked according to type of job. Apart from the attachments I have also packed tools. For example, one case is packed with drills and hole saws. Since I can store just about everything in an ESSBOX, it becomes much easier to keep track of things and a neat van adds a professional touch.

What are the top features of the ESSBOX System?
– I really like the solid construction and that it is well thought-out. The size of the case is good, since there is room for a lot in it. The flipside is that it can get heavy to carry. A hot tip is to have an empty case that can be stocked according to the needs of each job.

How would you like for the ESSBOX System to develop?
– I would like for it to be possible to ’tie’ several bags together. A smart ‘click-solution’ or something like that.