Build a deck without visible heads

ESSVE’s new product ”Hidden Decking Screw” (HDS) was a giant success at this year’s Nordbygg. ”Every deck builder’s dream” and ”finally a head that facilitates sanding” were some of the words of praise at the trade show.

The screw is mounted on the side of the board using a mounting tool, special bits and a regular cordless screwdriver, and makes a minimal entry hole. Finally no more splinters and cracks!




Biggest advertising campaign ever!

In collaboration with Sweden’s leading newspaper, Aftonbladet, we now start a gigantic decking campaign. Our focus is of course on Native – advertising – the new way of promoting your product online. The idea is based on feature articles with a focus on teaching the readers something new and to share the message on social media.
– Native-advertisements, that are a part of the news flow, are in some instances more widely read than the news site’s own feature articles. It feels like a perfect choice for ESSVE, says Mattias Sebell, Marketing Manager at ESSVE.



Environmentally friendly nailing with smart rust protection

M-fusion is a technique that provides a more secure rust protection and an environmentally friendly production. Compared to traditional rust protection, galvanization, M-fusion is chrome free and from other toxic waste products that are harmful to the environment.




New catalogue

Now we launch ESSVE’s 2016 – 2017 product catalogue; an encyclopedia for all who use attachment-, screw-, adhesive- or joint products. The catalogue contains product information, technical data and easy-to-follow mounting instructions. This year’s news is that all of the nails and nail guns carry the ESSVE brand.



ESSVE-thread on ByggeBolig

ESSVE users around Scandinavia give us feedback and cheer us on. One who both impresses and inspires is the signature “z-edition 006”, who has started an ESSVE thread on the Norwegian site Here you find everything from information about restored auction treasures to current ESSVE-campaigns and clever use of our products. Send your own questions and tips directly to the Essnews editor.


Organizational news!

Max Lagerstedt

Max Lagerstedt – new Managing Director at ESSVE

Max Lagerstedt is the new Managing Director at the ESSVE Corporate Group. Since 2012 Max has been responsible for ESSVE’s Swedish, Danish, Finish and export business and will now shoulder the responsibility of the entire ESSVE Group and operation in ten countries.

Mats Svensson

Mats Svensson – new Project Engineer

Now we strengthen ESSVE’s position in the area “more technically demanding attachments”. Mats Svensson will in his role as project engineer focus his efforts on the earlier stages on the construction process which will lead to ESSVE products being dictated in the building drawings. Mats will also support resellers in the area of heavy load attachments.