ESSVE’s new product ”Hidden Decking Screw” (HDS) was a giant success at this year’s Nordbygg. ”Every deck builder’s dream” and ”finally a head that facilitates sanding” were some of the words of praise at the trade show. The screw is mounted on the side of the board using a mounting tool, special bits and a regular cordless screwdriver, and makes a minimal entry hole. Finally no more splinters and cracks!

Mikael Ekström, XL Bygg, Finspång
– Finally a screw with a head that is not in the way when it’s time to sand the deck. I often recommend maintenance rather than changing boards, for environmental reasons. And sanding is the best way of bringing new live to a worn deck. In my opinion this product has two benefits: invisible mounting and more convenient maintenance.

Marcin Derdziak, Fabrikörn i Hasslösa AB, Vinninga
– Very nice, every deck builder’s dream! It may seem a little expensive, but when the customer sees the result the tool instantly becomes worth every penny. In the future I would like to see a version without spacers so that I could build a deck without gaps.

Kjell Nyberg, Omninen AB, Åland
– This is awesome! I know what I am talking about; I have been in the business for forever. I can only congratulate you to the patent. I am definitely considering this as a complement to traditional decking screw.

Andreas Jansson, Janssons Bygg Öland AB
– This appears to be a stable and flexible product and the results will be excellent when I build hardwood decks. As soon as a campaign is launched I will buy me a set.

Peter Nyman, Peter Nyman bygger & inreder, Ljusterö
– It’s a clever invention and it looks solid. I frequently build in larch wood, so it is definitely of interest to me.

Anders Svejd, Svejd Bygg AB, Norrköping
– This special tool appears solid. I can tell just by looking at the screw that it’s nice. It’s sharp like a murder weapon;) An increasing number of my customers chose hardwood, so this product is launched at the right time. But I am the kind of guy who likes gadgets, so there is no way I could have resisted this one anyway.