M-fusion is a technique that provides a more secure rust protection and an environmentally friendly production. Compared to traditional rust protection, galvanization, M-fusion is chrome free and from other toxic waste products that are harmful to the environment.


– Simply put the new technology means that the nail is put into a drum together with zinc powder. When the drum is pressurized, and the iron and the zinc reaches the same temperature, the zinc melts into the iron and generates an extremely durable rust protection. C4- classification, compared to galvanizing which provides a C3- classification. This product matches the price of a galvanized nail, but offers a higher rust protection and is a better environmental choice, says Stefan Carlsson, Category Manager nails at ESSVE.

It’s not just a cleaner process, the same also goes for the surface of the nail.

– It removes the zinc clots that are commonly generated by galvanization. The coating also becomes equally thick on the entire nail, which is of great importance for threaded products. Most probably this will lead to better pullout values, says Stefan.

Lose nails and nails for nail guns – both strip and coil – is changed at the present time, but the goal is for all nail products to be treated with the new technique.


• Technique tested & approved by the US Navy.
• Provides twice the rust protection compared to galvanization – no risk of cracks or leakage in the surface treatment.
• Meets the Hus AMA:s requirements for avoiding environmentally hazardous products
• Environmentally friendly production – contains no toxic substances that harm the environment, no waste.
• Easier to paint over – does not require primer.
• Equally thick coat on the entire nail, providing threaded products with a better grip!
• Stronger rust protection, C4 classification, compared to traditional galvanization that has class C3.