ESSNEWS nr 3 2016

Mount windows without cracking the frame

Now we launch Programa Plus, the frame screw that reduces the risk of breaking the frame with 50 % when adjusting. It also reduces the risk of rupturing the casing when the mounting is not straight by the same percentage. Those functionalities make Programa Plus superior when replacing windows in older houses that often are both slanted and skewed.

As a result of in depth interviews with Swedish door- and window installers we introduce our product innovation ”Programa Plus”. Our new screw consists, just like our previous Programa-version ‘Classic’, of a casing and a screw for easy and quick mounting.

How much can the expander handle?

With the new ESSVE CS, ’Calculation Software’, constructors can easily calculate the load bearing capacity of attachments in concrete. The program immediately detects if a faulty value has been input and suggests improvements.

Seal, stick, repair…

During the spring ESSVE launched an improved version of the adhesive and sealant concept that makes it easier to select the right product. Now the family is extended with a bunch of new products, focusing on improved adhesion and that also allow for greater movement without cracking or coming loose.

ESSVE folders

Outside the box

This month’s tip comes – rather unlikely – from a baker in the middle of Sweden. He uses a baker’s sheet pan rack from the 50s as a mobile rack for his ESSBOX-cases. (You see he is not just a baker, he is also a mechanic). Thanks for a genius tip outside the box 🙂

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