A concrete attachment means taking a range of parameters into consideration. Instead of, as previously, finding values from the products’ different load bearing tables, and try to merge them into your own calculation, ESSVE’s CS will do the job for you. The user enters current conditions and the program will calculate the load bearing capacity of the attachment, considering concrete quality, distance to the edge and so forth.

Safe and convenient

ESSVE CS is an intelligent software. It immediately detects if a faulty value has been entered and suggests improvements. That enhances safety and reduces the time needed to make the calculation. Printouts that show entered data and results of the calculations will make you feel safe knowing that the dimensioning is correctly made. The program also considers calculation standards and current system of rules. Each calculation shows the utilization rate – an excellent help for optimizing the attachment.

Clear and flexible

The user can chose between entering data into tables or entering them directly into the 3D-view. Rotate, turn, tilt and zoom in the graphics.

Professional layout

The constructor can enter information that is unique to your company such as contact information and logotype. This is a professional way of showcasing the company that has made the calculation.

ESSVE CS will be launched in September