As a result of interviews with Swedish door- and window installers, we introduce our product innovation ”Programa Plus”. Our new screw consists, just like our previous Programa-version ‘Classic’, of a sleeve and a screw for easy and quick installation and adjusting.

The innovation primarily lies in the patented shape of the sleeve that reduces the risk of the sleeve and the frame cracking as well as splintering around the hole. ‘Programa Plus’ also has fiber cut at the tip of the screw, which reduce the risk of cracks in the wall beam.


• Developed in collaboration with window- and door installers.
• A nicer looking splinter free end-result thanks to fiber cutting threads.
• Consists of a sleeve and screw all in one – quick and easy installing!
• Reduced risk of cracking the frame when adjusting.
• Reduced risk of cracking the sleeve when installing askew.


• Thicker goods – no risk of the sleeve breaking
• Threads all the way around – no risk of over tightening.
• Fibercut in the sleeve – no risk of splintering around the hole.
• Fiber cut in the tip – reduces the risk of cracks in the wall beam.

Did you know that…

• …ESSVE launched the frame screw as early as 1972 and that we were the sole supplier for almost 20 years. During that time period ESSVE delivered an excess of 40 million frame screws carrying the brand Programa®.