Joint foam eco pro

Sealant for windows and doors

Insulating joint foam, free from isocyanat, and with better adhesion than previous versions of eco foams. You will also get more out of the tube compared to our earlier eco foams. Joint foam eco pro shrinks minimally and attaches onto most construction materials, as well as cellular plastic. For optimal effect – water the surface before.

Joint foam flex pro

Sealant around windows and doorframes

Permanent and highly insulating joint foam with a considerably higher level of flexibility than Joint foam flex that will be discontinued. Joint foam flex pro allows for greater movement without cracking or coming loose. Perfect for applications when you need to absorb motion and to seal, insulate and fill.

Universal sealant all weather

Sealing and mounting of gutters and roofs

Flexible joint sealant that attaches and seals in all weathers. Perfect for mounting and repairing leaking gutters and surface water systems. Also seals lead-throughs in roofs and foundations. Seals in the cold and the rain, and is surface dry in a couple of minutes.

Roof sealant

Repairing and sealing of tin roofs and foundations

Glass fiber enhanced, asphalt based sealant for repairing felted- and tin roofs. Also fills cracks and holes in foundations. Possible to spray and to paste.

Mounting adhesive eco pro

Fixing of splines, paneling and door frames

Water based mounting adhesive with a high instant load bearing capacity. Free from solvents and other substances that are harmful to the environment. Dries to a strong and elastic joint sealant that can handle shocks, hits and vibrations.