“Nailing accidents happen every other day, at least! The real figure is greater. And this is the main reason why I spend as much time as possible speaking in schools up and down the country,” says Johan Lind, when ESS:News staff caught up with him after a training day for third-year students at Katrineholm’s building programme.
He has just given a presentation packed with theoretical and practical elements, where the principal aim has been to create awareness for typical hazards.
“Of course teachers speak about risks, but it becomes even more real when students get to see, hear and try for themselves. There are many aha reactions on a day like this. Naturally I want the students to experience ESSVE’s broad assortment, but above all, I hope I can contribute towards tomorrow’s craftsmen having fewer injuries.” As a supplier of nailers it is ESSVE’s duty.
To invite in guest speakers, says Johan, is a way for the schools to stimulate the students’ interest between practical lessons. For the speakers, and the companies behind them, it is an approach, with limited resources, to help schools to prepare students for their working life. A win-win situation.
“We need a school that reflects what the labour market demands. We need youngsters that go out to work fully aware of the risks involved. And when you get to experience the tremendous interest from the students it is worth the effort to prepare demonstrations with diverse installations with adhesive and joints, nails, screws and – of course – our new success HDS, the hidden decking installation. Another benefit of the training days is that I always get a receipt of how many youngsters already are aware of ESSVE. Thanks to the fact that we, and our bright green colour, can be seen in virtually every single building programme on TV.”