Sealing foam 90 Fire is a non-elastic sealing foam with a high compressive strength that produces fire resistant seals. The product cures regardless of the environment and with the absence of air humidity in enclosed spaces. Bonds to most building materials and it can be used both indoors and out.

New activation function

Gives easier and safer handling than before! Flip over the can, turn the activation knob at the bottom of the can 4 turns in the direction of the arrow, and shake 15-20 times. Ready to use! A green tone guarantees the right mixture has been produced – an absolute requirement for the installation to be fire-resistance graded.

New safety valve

A firm grip and clear fastening of the nozzle ensure safe handling during application.

Longer shelf-life

Replacing the safety valve has improved shelf-life from 9 to 18 months.

New quality marking

Products labelled with Emicode EC1 have extremely low emissions, which means a minimum of volatile organic compounds that contaminate the air. Sealing foam 90 Fire has under the latest quality labelling attained the very highest standard EC1 PLUS, which shows that the product has a very low impact on its immediate environment.

Emicode is a trade organisation for environmentally safe building products.