ESSVE ambassador #1

“We have used the ESSBOX System for five years and are extremely happy with it. With the launch of Mini I quickly realised that we needed cases in different sizes for different types of work.”

According to Axel a major advantage of the smaller format is its function as a versatile carrying case.
“We offer everything from ‘classic’ renovation to ground work and sheet-metal work. Travelling is also a regular occurrence, which means we need to keep an extensive range of fasteners in stock. We pack our cases more or less daily and with Mini there’s a lot less weight to carry around.”



FACTS/Axel Frölich
Age: 34
Years in the industry: 10
Currently: Has run Axels Bygg & Mark AB for the last five years.
Niche: To be prepared and offer everything from ‘classic’ renovation to ground work, constructing decking, sheet-metal and forge work.
Customer base: in and around Linköping.
Employees: 1, Andreas Johansson.
Hidden talent: Good at solving problems.
This is ESSBOX Mini: A smart case that together with storage boxes in different sizes means you have 100 per cent control of your fasteners. Mini measures 60 per cent of the original size, has an ergonomic handle and a smooth locking mechanism.