ESS:NEWS #1-2017
ESSBOX mini outdoors

ESSBOX – Now as Mini

A little smaller. A little lighter. Same smart system. Finally, we are launching ESSBOX Mini, the case that measures 60 per cent of the original and which 9 of 10 builders have waited eagerly for. The idea is that Mini will be suitable for more professions, including building janitors, electricians and plumbers who use fasteners less often. The new case has also been fitted with a variety of new smart functions:

  • – Gradual lid opening
  • – new lock functionn
  • – integrated and lightly rubberised handle

Pssst! Naturally, all ESSBOX packages fit just as well in Mini.

New article series: “ESSVE ambassador”

Five years ago when ESSVE let 200 professional craftsmen evaluate ESSBOX prior to its launch, this was a unique phenomenon in our industry. Since then, our cooperation has developed into a close relationship. Several of the test pilots have become ambassadors, who on their own accord have become engaged in our products and speak positively about them among their networks. This says a lot about the ESSVE brand. To show how proud we are of our ambassadors we are now introducing a new series of articles in ESSNews, where we visit the ambassadors throughout Sweden. Among others, we are curious how they use ESSBOX Mini in their everyday working lives. First out is Axels Bygg & Mark in Väderstad.

ESSVE ambassador #1


The problem solver

Axels Bygg & Mark is the small company with a vast offering. This means a constant search for solutions that offer smart storage. The latest addition is called ESSBOX Mini.

Axel Frölich of Axels Bygg & Mark AB is on his way down from a façade ladder. His green tool case only just fits inside the ladder’s protective cage.
“This would never have been possible with a full size ESSBOX,” says Axel and holds up his recently purchased ESSBOX Mini, which is 60 per cent of the original size.

New Duck Foot reduces the risk
of incorrect installation

ESSVE Duck Foot is a drywall fixing that easily and quickly provides a strong and secure mounting in both single and double drywall boards. Perfect for the family’s large flat TV. Duck Foot is installed by inserting the screw directly in the bit holder. We have now removed the cross-slot to reduce the risk of incorrect installation.

New Duck Foot