Two distinctive frame systems secure installation

In order to reduce the risk of incorrect door and window installation we have decided to divide our assortment into two distinctive frame systems instead of, as before, individual products.

We show which system we recommend, depending on what needs to be done, and which accessories are required for a complete installation.

Sealing foam 90 Fire

In the new Sealing foam 90 Fire function and minimal environmental impact go hand in hand. The shelf-life is extended, the product has been environmentally labelled and a new activation function makes handling both easier and safer.

“Collaboration between schools and businesses is a win-win”

Tomorrow’s craftsmen and future employees in the retailer and supply chain are currently at school. ESSVE salesman Johan Lind is convinced companies with limited resources can make great strides to stimulate students and develop their approach to risks.

Gas cartridges, in stock again!

Now you can load you nailer with ESSVE gas cartridges again, which are back in stock after a period of delivery challenges.
Part number red: 713 194
Part number yellow: 713 196

Shelf system to successful case?

I’m extremely happy with your case system, ESSBOX. This has resulted in a collection of twenty cases for different applications with varying content. The problem is they are now stacked on top of each other, directly on the ground. And it’s always the one on the bottom that you need. Your loose rails are a step in the right direction, but have you considered producing a customised storage rack on castors, 2 metres high and with space for ten to fifteen cases?

Looking forward to your reply!
// Mattias Hagelberg


Hi Mattias! It’s good to hear you appreciate our case system, we set great store on this. In March 2017, we will be launching, in collaboration with Swedish BOB SYSTEM, a vehicle and workshop storage system optimised for ESSBOX. The storage system will feature extendible rails and guides, which means you will be able to open each case individually without the need of lifting it out of the rack. Naturally it is crashed tested according to INR NS 286 and Approved by SP.