Three new compressors!

ESSVE launches three new premium compressors for small and medium nail jobs – from simple splines and casings to roof trusses and panelling.

The new models C 5/10, C 16/10 and C 20/10 are compact, flexible and easy to handle. C5 and C16 are oil free whilst C20 is lubricated.

500,000 ESSVE-screws in the Mall of Scandinavia

One of northern Europe’s most modern urban districts, Arenastaden, is under development in Stockholm. PEAB Bostad is building 900 dwellings, 50 of which are townhouses on the roof of the Mall of Scandinavia. ESSVE’s stainless wooden screw was selected for the construction of the 4,000-m2 deck in Siberian larch wood.

ESSVE Customer case

Constantly mobile with 14 ESSBOX-bags!

Johan Lindell from Örnsköldsvik got tired of the mess in his carpenter’s van. He did something about it and converted his ride into a modern tool shed, fully adjusted to house his 14 ESSBOX-cases.Johan, how did you get the idea of making ESSBOX the starting point?

– Before ESSBOX I had built another system in order to achieve order. When ESSBOX came it felt like a more comprehensive and better system, but I wanted to build an interior that suited my workday. I wanted the cases to serve as drawers that could be pulled out and opened without them having to leave the rack

Ask the expert

A question from the reader Tommy Törnquist, operations manager at Östra Grevie Folkhögskola:

Hello, I am about to lower a ceiling by mounting 45×70 beams and a Siporex plaster ceiling. What screws should I use and how many do I use per meter?

Answer from Sebastian Athler, product developer attachments:

Hello Tommy, Lightweight concrete screws with a countersunk head 8.0 are suitable for your application. It handles 50 kg in pullout value. Use the screw that is 110 or 130 mm long depending on in which direction you are mounting the beams. Normally beams for ceilings are mounted on c/c 450, which means that you mount the screws with c/c 1200. That makes about 1.8 screws per square meter, which should give you and idea about the consumption.